9.19.93. one of 11 kids. i'm on youtube with my sisters. signed to island/universal records. can't decide if i like norcal or socal better.....
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I am so grateful. For our career path, for my siblings, for our new music, for how things have worked out…. You don’t understand how much I appreciate the last three years right now. To fail, to be proven wrong, to NOT have anyone hyping you or pushing you as the “next big thing”, to be left on your own to just figure it out and do your thing, to learn how to do it all on your own because you don’t have a choice, to be given enough time by God to REALLY get it right….. I honestly couldn’t ask for more. These past few years, so much could’ve been different but I wouldn’t change a thing. I AM SO GRATEFUL :’))) in February, we decided we were tired of waiting around for someone to make our dreams come true and that we were gonna find our single and make things happen. We didn’t know how, when or where but we were DETERMINED to succeed. In March, we wrote like 25 songs/pieces of songs. We found a TOTALLY new direction and went back to our roots a bit. We spent too much time in the past letting people tell us what’s cool, what people wanna hear, what we should do, how we should sing, what we should sing about…. We finally realized that our lives have never been lived before and there are no preset rules. There is no “right” way to do this! This has never been done before! If we want our story to be told, WE NEED TO TELL IT. Haha it’s that simple! So yeah, we really took our fate into our own hands and took off all the limits and dumb rules some people tried to put on us before. I am SOOOO HAPPY with how everything is working out and sounding and coming together. This stuff is real, honest and from the heart. I hope you guys will connect with it as much as we do. We really do want to set good examples and be good role models. We never wanna abuse the position we’re in or lead anybody astray. We hope that over the next few years, we can be as bright of a light as possible while we make music we love, share our story and connect with as many of you as possible. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. THANK YOU FOE GIVING US A CHANCE. THANK YOU FOR EVER CLICKING ON OUR VIDEOS. YOU ARE THE REASON WE ARE SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME :)))) thank you all SOOOOO much for changing our lives. We will never be able to thank you enough :’)) and btw, sharing our music with y’all and getting to meet you guys face to face is by FAR the best part of all this. Like going to fancy events and parties, meeting “important people”, being around industry kids and all that is actually super lame hahaha. People are so fake and have the worst priorities, I hate being around all that. I always get excited the morning of thinking it might be different this time but it’s always the same. I always end up sitting there wishing I could be home in my sweatpants and uggs or in the studio (my fav place) creating new stuff for you guys OR out meeting you guys. That’s where our hearts are. Everything else is whatever. WE LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. THANK YOU FOR BEING REAL. THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN US. WE NEVER WANNA LET YOU DOWN. TRULY, YOU ARE THE BEST FAMILY WE COULD EVER ASK FOR :)))) here’s to the Summer of CIMORELLI :) :) :) :)

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  9. bbkiste said: The part with the “fake people” just put a huge smile on my face. 8)) Thank you for your honesty, Lisa.
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  13. boccaccini said: I really look up to all of you guys, and how even though you want to be in the business, you’re not going to sacrifice your love for Jesus to do so. That’s amazing to me. Thanks for showing me that you don’t have to change to make your dreams come true!
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