9.19.93. one of 11 kids. i'm on youtube with my sisters. signed to island/universal records. can't decide if i like norcal or socal better.....
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What more could you need in life than a leopard print umbrella
Easter Vigil
Hello internet I made an instagram

Anonymous: You always said how we're all loved so much and stuff but your last post talked about how we're NOT all loved... I'm confused 

No haha I was saying everyone is loved but you’re not always gonna FEEL it. I used to think I was supposed to FEEL loved all the time and if I couldn’t feel it, it wasn’t there. I was trying to explain how you’re not always gonna feel loved, wanted and appreciated cuz no one’s got the time to do that for you 24/7, and that’s okay. Just cuz you can’t feel something every second of the day doesn’t mean it’s not there. You aaarrrreeee loved.

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Some of the girls at Easter church :D ❤

So I was at the store after church and somehow ended up buying this&#160;??!???!!
Anonymous: What is the thing you were working on with the douglas guy? 

Something extremely exciting that I can’t WAAAAAAIT to release :D :D :D

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Anonymous: I'm kind of struggling. Like I would look soooo much better with makeup, and I want to look good, but then I also have the mentality of "makeup free"... like I'm special because Im natural. It's kind of hard to explainbut it's why I don't get my eyebrows done either. I just feel that's kind of cheating I guess? Like its better to be seen as natural? I don't know. Other girls notice if you get them done and are like "oh, her eyebrows are only good cause they're done" and "pretty bc makeup."help? 

Haha you need to stop letting your choices revolve around what other people think of you, whether you decide to stay natural or mess with things. My experience has been that a little makeup makes me feel more confident some days and helps me be more friendly/approachable. Too much makes me insecure about my personality/worth as a human like “ohh I’m so pretty today! *back of my mind* But that’s all people see in me…” Not fun. No makeup is fine most days but sometimes being in public naked faced makes me irritable and rude ‘cause I feel insecure and don’t want anyone to talk to me. Also not good. But a lot of times that’s not the case, usually only if I’m already having a bad day and I’m dressed like a slob haha. My advice is to find what works for you and makes YOU feel genuinely good about yourself. The less you can rely on makeup or outside sources to feel confident, THE BETTER. But living in fear of being judged for getting your eyebrows done or wearing makeup isn’t happiness either. It’s cowardice. Find your balance, whatever it is.

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thatsmarlli: Your post recently about life not being perfect and realising that the world isn't about me - I needed that. I just wanted to say thank you because I think I'm struggling with that right now. I crave people's attention and affection for me. Then I end up just disappointing myself when it's not given to me. I start to feel unworthy and unvalued. Any more advice on how I learn to cope with this? 

So glad it helped!!! I’d say just realize your craving for attention is NORMAL. Humans need attention naturally and we really miss it when we don’t get it! That doesn’t mean we should do irrational or desperate things to get it from the wrong sources though. Try to take good care of yourself. Be there for yourself the way you wish other people would. Do what you know is gonna enrich your life and make you feel better in the long run, not just right now :)

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