9.19.93. one of 11 kids. i'm on youtube with my sisters. signed to island/universal records. can't decide if i like norcal or socal better.....
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lauramcc150: What was it like seeing your sisters film tgsbm video? Because it gets really sorta romantic like when there looking in each other's eyes. Btw I love the video and I've pre-ordered the EP as soon as I heard it was out in UK 

THANK YOU FOR PREORDERING!!!!! :’))) and no it was hilarious ahahaha plus I thought they did a great job!!!

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Anonymous: are you willing to accept help from others? i totally get wanting to write your own songs and all that, but there's a reason that people collab and get help with writing, because pros have knowledge of what creates big hits. like without compromising your beliefs/your message, would you want to write with others? 

I’m open to writing with other people for sure. What I’m not open to is people who aren’t open to me and think their ideas are better than ours just because they came up with them. We’ve worked with some awesome people who are super collaborative and got some really good songs out of it. We’ve also worked with some awful people who were super close-minded and those songs are craaaaap. Haha I mean everyone we worked with is nice and we got along with them all really well but when it comes to working together, you HAVE to find the right matches. I’m not interested in writing random songs about random things that don’t necessarily relate to me. It doesn’t have to be the most detailed description of the most emotional thing in the world but it can NOT be generic and soulless. I also think it’s extremely important to keep in mind that every expert was once an unknown amateur. Like who was Max Martin before his first hit? I’m glad he didn’t just discredit himself and roll over because he wasn’t a big name yet. We all start somewhere!

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Lights Will Guide You Home. by KatelynDeters on Flickr.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cimorelli - That Girl Should Be Me - YouTube

NEW MUSIC VIDEO “That Girl Should Be Me” ON VEVO NOW!!!!!!!!!! Really excited about this video!!!!! :D

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So sleepy today.

Black cat is lucky

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